WP 3: Remote sensing-based monitoring of vegetation in coastal ecosystems

Work Package 3 aims towards a remote sensing-based assessment of the above-ground biomass of vegetation in the habitats investigated (seagrass meadows, algae beds, salt marshes and mangroves). The monitoring of the spatial distribution of vegetation and biomass is used as a basis for calculating the carbon storage capacity of the different costal vegetated ecosystems. For this, we use airborne and satellite-based optical methods as well as ship-based hydroacoustic approaches. Extensive field campaigns in the study areas (North Sea, western Baltic Sea, Colombia and Indonesia) provide data for ship-based biomass assessment but also validate airborne and satellite data. Moreover, remote sensing data support the evaluation of suitable habitats for ecosystem design, e.g. to re-forest mangroves or seagrass near the study areas. For this, we will initiate a remote sensing-based index system to assess costal vegetated ecosystems condition and integrity.